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Flatmates - First Episode Television – 1997 Popular Factual Reality TV

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Flatmates observes six Kiwi 20-somethings as they share a house for three months: four students (one of them a Miss Howick beauty contestant), a confident young gay financial consultant and a cameraman (also one of the show's directors). In this first episode the flatties move in, go shopping, have a party, then call the police after some partygoers get out of control. Flatmates was one of a number of 90s reality shows observing 'homelife' as created for the cameras. It was broadcast on the now-defunct TV4; The straight-talking Vanessa became a minor local celebrity. 

Key Cast & Crew

Alan erson thumbnail.key.jpg.180x180

Alan Erson

Director, Camera

Tim woodhouse profile image.jpg.180x180

Tim Woodhouse

Director, Editor

Profile.jpg.120x120 4559722d43a7e6983ef108e03151f845ffdb918cbbea3502d89caa3fdd29d89d

Craig Wright

Director, Camera, Subject

No way! That is real life!
– Vanessa’s response to Geoffrey’s request to delete the party footage