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  3. Part three of three from this full length episode.


Mortimer’s Patch was a highly popular detective series following Detective Sergeant Doug Mortimer (Terence Cooper) and his policing adventures in the small town of Cobham. Mortimer plays a city cop returning to his rural roots. In this Keith Aberdein-scripted episode a girl, Judy Savage (Smash Palace’s Greer Robson), goes missing in sand dunes near the shack of an eccentric recluse. Fear and suspicion mounts and Mortimer brings in help from the city: prejudiced detective, Chris Knight (Ken Blackburn). Don Selwyn plays Sergeant Bob Storey.

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 Alan Tuck

Alan Tuck

Yes please tvnz get it on to dvd

 Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett

Great to see this again after 30 years!
Still great.
TVNZ please release this on DVD

 Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett

Thank you!
Great to see this again at last.
Is that Don McGlashan on horn for the theme?
TVNZ please release this in DVD!

 Darren Schroeder

Darren Schroeder | website

Packs a punch.

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I’ve got a lost child, what do expect me to do? Put an ad in the lost and found column? Get me the Deputy Commissioner ... I don’t care if he’s bloody drinking champagne out of his surgical truss! 
We just don’t get those city problems here! 
I reckon you should check out that dirty old bloke that lives down by the beach ... he’s a likely candidate - a little European of some sort.