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This gleefully violent "zombie romcom" is another offering from Auckland's Media Design School, where 3D CGI students collaborate with their tutor, director James Cunningham, and industry veterans. Based on an idea from course grad Philip Magnussen, Rotting Hill sees two lovers — played by Anna Hutchison (Go Girls, The Cabin in the Woods) and Australian actor Jason Smith (Home and Away) — finding that "true love never dies" in a post-human future. The short has netted over one million views on Vimeo. Keep tissues handy: you may shed a tear ... or maybe an eyeball.


Credits (21)

 James Cunningham
 Leon Woud
 Oliver Hilbert

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 Matthew Lawrence

Matthew Lawrence

great film, typically good Kiwi humour! have suggested a few film mad friends of mine watch it as well. Laughed me head off literally!!!!


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I think deep down, we all want to love and be loved. Zombies used to be humans too, so I guess the idea behind the film is why would these emotions go away just because you’re a reanimated corpse? 
True love never dies