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Originally conceived as a TV series, Gaylene Preston's comedy was a local hit, uplifting recession-era audiences with a plucky misfits saga. Ruby (Yvonne Lawley), an 83 year old trying to dodge a retirement home, rents a room to Rata, a solo mum with sidelines in music and benefit fraud. Rata's son is into arson and shoplifting, while Ruby's nephew (What Now's Simon Barnett) is a hapless yuppie wannabe. Marginalised by the deregulated economy of the 80s and living on their wits, they may just find common cause despite themselves in this Graeme Tetley-penned tale.

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 Ivan CASH


Compliments to GRAEME TETLEY... This is my FAVOURITE Movie that he wrote... Very KIWI and very humorous. Each Character is real yet comic in their authentic sincerity

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Ruby and Rata is a 110-minute riposte to anyone who claims that New Zealand cinema is dour and grim 
Preston and her team have woven a special kind of Kiwi magic in this one. I'd crawl across broken glass to see it again — and again. 
No formula can create a film like this. No production values can make it succeed. These delicate, highly personal and fanciful little enterprises must ignite of their own accord, and Ruby and Rata somehow manages to do so. 


1990 New Zealand Film Awards
Best Male Performance: Lee Mete-Kingi
Editing: Paul Sutorius
Film Score: Jonathan Crayford
Contribution to a Soundtrack: Kit Rollings

Nominated for Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Female Performance (Yvonne Lawley) and Cinematography