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Roof Rattling Short Film (Full Length) – 2009 Drama

Roof Rattling

Short Film (Full Length) – 2009 Drama

PG Parental Guidance
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In this sensitive short film written and directed by James Blick, a young boy breaks into an old man’s house in search of dirty magazines. The intrusion is just one more trial for the man (Grant Tilly) as he copes with loss and loneliness by clinging on to keepsakes and memories. He is eager for even a small measure of human contact — and the chance to do one last thing for his wife. For the boy there is an inkling of a world beyond his friend’s narrow experiences and the realisation that a stone might be more than just a missile.

Key Cast & Crew

James Blick

Director, Writer

Robin Murphy


Mabel Musson

As: Wife

'Why can't I ever get out through my own front door? Just for once in my life...', she says.
– Old Man (Grant Tilly)

Produced by

Robin Murphy Productions


Loop Select 009: Kono 002 (CD/DVD)


Made in association with the Short Film Fund of the New Zealand Film Commission, What The Thunder Said Films and Conbrio Shorts.