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Hosted by Phil Keoghan not long before he left for the US, Short Sportz was a TV3 sports show encouraging kids to get involved in sports. Keoghan (later to win fame as host of Amazing Race) often kitted up himself Paper Lion-style: here he takes base against Black Sox pitches and cycles with future ironman champion Cameron Brown. This 1991 ‘best of’ show is notable for a segment presented by a rising Wainuiomata league star who’s just been signed by Newcastle Knights: Tana Umaga. Umaga’s NRL career was short-lived, and he went on to become an All Black legend.

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 Phil Keoghan
 Louise Keoghan
 Gary Ryan

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My main ambition would be to play overseas. And then I’d like to play for the Kiwis. 
This is Wainuiomata. this is where I live. My name’s Tana Umaga. And I play league. 
This week on Short Sportz we do the year in review, starting with me running and jumping. It’s all in the name of new experiences ...