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  1. A selection of versions of this television commercial.


In these never-aired commercials, comic genius Spike Milligan urges New Zealanders to sign the Campaign Half Million petition against the introduction of nuclear power. Instead he advocates wind power while standing in breezy Wellington. The ads were never shown, though they did end up in a TV news story on the decision to ban them, thus gaining prime time exposure. The petition, organised for the Campaign for a Non-Nuclear Future, eventually gained 333,087 signatures, representing 10% of New Zealand's population at the time.


The story behind "just put up a windmill daddy" by Raewyn Mackenzie 16.03.2012

In 1976 I was a young journalist, and along with a number of other environmentalists I was increasingly concerned that New Zealand politicians and the New Zealand Electricity Department were seriously looking at nuclear power as an electricity ...

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 Raewyn Mackenzie
 Spike Milligan

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You don't think they were banned due to being, well, amateurish?

 Kim Hegan

Kim Hegan


I knew P Janes, that perennial visitor from Hawkes Bay would have had a hand in this!!

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Peter it looks like it's Don Reynolds holding the microphone (around 1.18), so maybe you're thinking of another down under shoot with Spike? Though your one certainly sounds memorable.

 Peter Janes

Peter Janes

I'm pretty sure I was the cameraman on this day - the soundman was Jim McMullan. Spike signed an autograph for me - I'm a big fan - "to the longest movie man in the world". And after we'd finished, he invited us back to his friend's place for a beer and to watch the All Blacks play on TV. He was in good form It was a very memorable saturday.

 Ruth Greenaway

Ruth Greenaway

Brilliant so glad to have discovered these. Cheers!

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 Nuclear-free New Zealand


But seriously, the Campaign Half Million for a non-nuclear future New Zealand. Sign their petition today and make a safe future for your kids. It’s your responsibility. Do it today. 
I wish I was a New Zealander. It’s a safe future man. I wouldn’t have to go wearing lead-lined underwear all the rest of my life you know. If I was a New Zealander I’d sign that petition. You don’t need nuclear fuel. See all this wind here? It’s going free. 
Just put up a windmill daddy!