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This documentary follows the experiences of two groups at the 1999 Sweetwaters music festival: six teenagers (including actor Kate Elliott, then 17), and a group of 30-somethings (many of them veterans of the 80s Sweetwaters). This excerpt catches up with them near the event's conclusion. Some hangovers are being nursed, but mostly spirits — teen and older — remain undimmed. English singer Elvis Costello drops the on-stage bomb that the artists haven't been paid, Chris Knox notes the "money fiasco" his way; and the festival goers rate their weekend. 

Credits (5)

 Shirley Horrocks
 Catherine Madigan
 Arthur Baysting

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 Steve King

Steve King

Was great fun for those that did go! Elvis was the highlight for me- along with the Brendan Lovegrove Children's' Hour show in the Classic Comedy tent...


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Chris Knox is great, and he said it for us: we are going away with a lot of good memories, but you can’t help feeling sorry for all those people that didn’t get paid.