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Toy Love Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2002 Drama Comedy

Toy Love

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2002 Drama Comedy

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The third feature from writer/director Harry Sinclair (The Price of Milk, Topless Women ...) is a fleet footed anti-romance about sex and infidelity. Love is a game for Ben (Dean O’Gorman), who cheats on girlfriend Emily with ease — until he falls head over heels with unpredictable vixen Chlo (Kate Elliott). When Emily confesses that she too has cheated, Ben self-righteously dumps her and runs to Chlo. But Chlo has a rule: she won’t date available men. To win her love, Ben must be unavailable. This excerpt features much bed hopping and 20-something mat-ters.

The thing that bugs me about New Zealand is that anything cultural has to be serious and take itself seriously. We're too prudish. The spirit of Toy Love is a kind of irreverent, poking fun at stuffy people, then destroying the lives of stuffy people.
– Harry Sinclair, 10 May 2003, NZ Herald interview