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Tony Williams recognised that passion makes for compelling human interest whatever the subject and came up with the idea of a “pub battle” where three people from very different fields, but united by a common dedication to their respective callings, would be brought together to debate their obsessions. The subjects — choirmaster Maxwell Fernie, astronomer Peter (Night Sky) Read, and sports journalist Terry ‘TP’ McLean — are also filmed separately at work; shots of Fernie working with his choir are particularly notable in the scrum of sport, art and science.


On Making Take Three Passions by Tony Williams 12.11.2010

We had the opportunity to make a half hour film for the Survey series but the deadline was nearly up and I hadn’t come up with any ideas. I watched TV one night, and saw ...

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Credits (12)

 Tony Williams
 John O'Shea
 Ian John

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 The Tony Williams Collection


We won’t reach perfection and if we could we wouldn’t be here. 
In a way, perhaps, astronomy is a thing that one doesn’t necessarily go all out for great discoveries and great contributions. I think just to be there, just to be working in it is the only important thing. 
To be any good you’ve got to work. You’re delving into your own incompetence and being confronted day after day with your own stupidity. You wish you had more brains and less indolence and so on.