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Hero image for Survey - Take Three Passions

Survey - Take Three Passions

Television (Full Length) – 1972

On Making Take Three Passions

We had the opportunity to make a half hour film for the Survey series but the deadline was nearly up and I hadn’t come up with any ideas. I watched TV one night, and saw Peter Read, an amateur astronomer talking about the stars in his programme Night Sky. Flicking to another channel, the All Blacks were playing and the crowd was going mad. Another channel was playing Palestrina 16th Century music.

The idea occurred to me, what if we put a musician, an astronomer and rugby sports writer in one room and have them compare and fight for their passions.

So we did just that. Peter Read lives and breaths stars and space, Max Fernie believes no music was written after the 16th Century and Terry 'TP' McLean sees rugby as art. We let them battle it out in a pub with three cameras rolling, then used the art of editing to create a montage to integrate all three passions.