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Jeremy Stephens

Actor, Narrator

Jeremy Stephens was a regular presence on New Zealand television screens through the 1970s and 80s. Coming from a theatre and radio background, he starred as a man going through a midlife crisis in 1971 teleplay The City of No, played historical figures (The Killing of Kane, The Governor) and one of the trio of travellers in acclaimed Katherine Mansfield drama The Woman at the Store. His longer form credits include telefilm It’s Lizzie To Those Close and movie Pallet On The Floor. Stephens' distinctive voice was heard on a great many commercials — plus documentaries on everything from poetry to the All Blacks.  

It's a two week shoot and Jeremy stays in the spare room at our place. He seems to be distracted. Then we realise he has fallen in love. With his horse. Fees on the show are not big. Jeremy uses all of his to buy the horse and, as soon as the shoot finishes, have it trucked to Wellington. Director Ian Mune, on Jeremy Stephens' commitment to his Woman at the Store role, in 2010 book Mune - An Autobiography