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Broadcaster Ian Johnstone was an intrepid explorer for TVNZ's 80s Beginner's Guide documentary series; the series embedded personal guides to lift the veil on everything from marae protocol to the Freemasons. This edition sees a crime (embezzlement of TVNZ money) pinned to 47-year-old Johnstone by the CIB and so begins his (fictional) experience of judicial process and imprisonment. A humbled Johnstone aims to convey what life behind bars is like, and bust some myths en route, from "they only serve half their time don’t they?" to "it's like a four star hotel".

Credits (7)

 Ian Johnstone
 Pamela Jones
 Mike Minehan

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I wonder what it would feel like to be sent to prison? 
Gardening or painting ... something like that. 
You’re like a fish out of water really. You’re quite a bit older than most of the inmates here ...