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  1. Part one of five from this full length episode.

  2. Part two of five from this full length episode.

  3. Part three of five from this full length episode.

  4. Part four of five from this full length episode.

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Sports broadcasters turned entertainers Glyn Tucker and Ernie Leonard invite viewers to “Walk Right In” in this ill-fated variety show. There are performances from singers including Australian Bridgette Allen and Glyn Tucker himself; and belly dancing from the Elektra Dancers. It’s FA Cup Night so Glyn interviews the manager of English football team Norwich City (with dimly lit footage of them playing a local selection) and Ernie has a rather odd chat with aviator Fred Ladd (who insists on answering in rhyming couplets). Equally curious is ‘The Silver Shot’ ...

Credits (8)

 Glyn Tucker
 Ernie Leonard
 Kevin Cameron

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 Jamie Griffiths

Jamie Griffiths

Bruce Harris & Steve Weston are in the first clip also
I have not checked the rest yet



I'm looking for the episode where the Maori hi marks performed please help

 Richard Tucker

Richard Tucker

Hi Jimbo

Dad passed away on 26 May 1984 from lung cancer. Along with his whiskey he loved the ciggies which eventually killed him. He did not go to the TAB much he normally sent me to collect his winnings on course. I am sure alot of punters thought what is this teenager doing collecting all this money.

Cheers Richard Tucker



Glynn Tucker I was a bloody legend. It's great Richard Tuckers here. What year did Glynn pass away? He needs a Wikipedia page!!!!!
I heard he loved his whiskey and was a TAB regular.

 rosemary postance

rosemary postance

I am Rosemary, the featured hostess of The Club Show Series. It was so bizarre to view this episode for the first time in over 30 years - it's something I had no record of. But I remember the fun we had making it, the amazing people I worked with, and the pride I had and still have in being involved with pioneering NZ television.

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 South Pacific Television


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We want the series to be lots of fun and we think Glyn and Ernie will help create this fun better than any other combination. 
In short, the idea was fine and the intention perfectly proper but the hired talent was not good enough nor sufficiently spontaneous and enthusiastic, not even apparently convinced that what it was doing was worthwhile.