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Rob and Guests

Television (Full Length) – 1985

This song and dance special screened in 1985, at the tail end of Rob Guest’s Vegas showman days. Guest was yet to take on his beloved role as the Phantom of the Opera,  but his versatility and musical talent is clear. It’s a little cheesy (what entertainment show made at Avalon Studios in the 1980s wasn’t?), but Guest shines as the classy all-round entertainer he was. Singers Yolande Gibson and Jan Lampen join in for a medley of James Bond tunes. Also featured: The New Zealand Māori Chorale, and a leggy version of Kenny Rogers' 'The Gambler' by a dance troupe led by Guest's then wife, Lynette Perry.

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Mark Westmoreland

Mark Westmoreland

Director, Producer

Profile image for Rob Guest

Rob Guest

Presenter, Performer

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Terry Gray

Musical Director

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Bruce Paterson

Lighting Designer

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Norm Cook


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Robert Hagen


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