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It's a Wonderful Life meets driver education in this NFU film that aims to scare those who would be careless in bad weather conditions. This now-quaint precursor to 2011's Ghost Chips road safety ad sets up a low-key mystery plot, as five naive unfortunates find themselves at a bus stop in pea-soup fog. Purgatorial befuddlement — the bus goes via 'Infinity Terrace' and a saucy angel is handing out harps — turns to moralizing, complete with flashbacks and a lecture from the weather god, as they discover why they've ended up en route to 'Elysian Fields'.

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 Michael Forlong
 Derek Wright

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 Aden Viner

Aden Viner

weird; but fascinating seeing the 1950s insecurity about the Kiwi culture: the way UK stereotypes & accents, eg the mockney spiv are used.


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Rain’s a rotten thing when you’re driving. 
I take strong exception to you criticizing my weather. It was your own carelessness that got you here.