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Set over a Christmas beach holiday in 1935, The End of the Golden Weather chronicles the friendship between a teenage boy and the wild-limbed Firpo, dreamer and social outcast. Writer/director Ian Mune spent more than 15 years "massaging" Bruce Mason's classic solo play into a movie, before assembling a dream team to bring it to the screen. The finished film captures the world view of a boy for whom fantasy, hope and disappointment intermingle. Among an impressive awards haul, 12-year-old star Stephen Fulford was recognised at America's Youth in Film Awards. 


Credits (30)

 Ian Mune
 Bruce Mason

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 Nick Rout

Nick Rout

Is this likely to ever be released on DVD/Bluray? I haven't been able to find it except on VHS at a hire place.

 Judith Jones

Judith Jones

yes, outstanding, a treasure and a joy always


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Anything can happen 


1993 Young Artist Awards (United States)
Oustanding Foreign Film
Best Young Actor in a Foreign Film: Stephen Fulford

1992 New Zealand Film Awards
Best Film
Best Director: Ian Mune
Best Male Performance Actor: Stephen Papps
Best Cinematography: Alun Bollinger
Best Editing: Michael Horton
Best Film Score: Stephen McCurdy
Best Production Design: Ron Highfield
Best Contribution to Design: Barbara Darragh (for Costumes)