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  1. Part one of four from this full length drama.

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  4. Part four of four from this full length drama.

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The Governor was a six-part TV epic that examined the life of Governor George Grey (Corin Redgrave). This episode arguably best lived up to the blockbuster scale and revisionist ambitions of the series. It depicts key battles of the 1863-64 Waikato Campaign (including ‘Rewi’s last stand’ at Ōrākau). General Sir Duncan Cameron (Martyn Sanderson) feels growing unease following Grey’s orders to evict Māori villagers, as he learns respect for his foe, and that Grey’s motives are driven not just by the urge to impose order on ‘the natives’ but by land hunger.


The Writer's Perspective by Keith Aberdein 16.02.2011

When, in the early 1980s it was announced the Governor-General would attend the Circa production of Greg McGee's Foreskin's Lament at the Wellington Opera House, the great but rabid defender of New Zealand ...

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A Background by Paul Stanley Ward 16.02.2011

The Governor was touted as television history even before it had screened: "New Zealand's War and Peace" was how TV One's Head of Drama, Michael ...

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Credits (24)

 Peter Muxlow
 Warren Sellers

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Comments (4)

 Mike's  Mum

Mike's Mum

Mike Philips first job, he had a bit part in a boat?/ I made lots of cake and scones he would pick them up from me to take up the Akatarawas, I was looking for the clip of him in the boat dressed as a sailor I think, Mikes been gone 30 years and it feels like yesterday. We all miss him.
Love his all friends at cine tape and the band and the Governors Ball, all those great memories.
Would love a copy of the film.

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Jack: the episode was named after the nickname that Māori allegedly gave to Duncan Cameron due to his slow tactics in the 1865 Taranaki campaign. It's discussed here in his Dictionary of New Zealand Biography entry by historian James Belich who has a more praiseworthy take on Cameron's tactical abilities:



why lame seagull?

 Geoffrey Tompsett

Geoffrey Tompsett

The Governer is seminal.
Time for another historic epic on TV

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