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The Listener Gofta Awards 1987 Television – 1987 Popular Factual

The Listener Gofta Awards 1987

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One of NZ television's more notorious episodes, the 1987 Gofta Awards start promisingly with an extended montage of Auckland scenes (just before the share market crash) but it's downhill from there. Presenters Leeza (Entertainment This Week) Gibbons and Nic Nolan look bizarre in silver suits; an underfed and over excited audience grows more and more vocal; special guest John Inman (Mr Humphries from UK sitcom Are You Being Served?) is heckled; and things come badly unstuck as timing issues see winners turned away as they try to collect their awards. 

The audience was locked in the room with no food but lashings of champagne as the long, long show (being broadcast live) descended into anarchy. It was my first year working as a television presenter and I remember thinking, "These are my workmates? They're all mad. How cool! This is going to be fun."
– Michele A'Court