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  1. The first of three excerpts from this television awards special.

  2. The second of three excerpts from this television awards special.

  3. The third of three excerpts from this television awards special.


One of NZ television's more notorious episodes, the 1987 Gofta Awards start promisingly with an extended montage of Auckland scenes (just before the share market crash) but it's downhill from there. Presenters Leeza (Entertainment This Week) Gibbons and Nic Nolan look bizarre in silver suits; an underfed and over excited audience grows more and more vocal; special guest John Inman (Mr Humphries from UK sitcom Are You Being Served?) is heckled; and things come badly unstuck as timing issues see winners turned away as they try to collect their awards. 

Credits (5)

 Ron Pledger
 Tony Holden
 John Inman

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 Doug Coutts

Doug Coutts

One of the problems was the three-tiered winning system. First tier winners were allowed to come up and make a speech, second tier winners could come on stage to receive their award but weren't allowed to make a speech, and third tier winners just had their awards delivered to their table. Trouble was no one explained it, probably because they couldn't, not without blushing.

 iain  Eggleton

iain Eggleton

There has been worse.. or better. At the Feltex Awards at the Poenamu in AKL 75 or something. Everybody pissed... no food .. jeering. BIll McArtney falling over going up ...among others. General mayhem joe public just walking in and joining in the piss up. people going in the pool..Wonderful.

 Brendon Cameron

Brendon Cameron




It's like a school prizegiving.

 Morrissey Breen

Morrissey Breen

The aggressive P.C. drunk who bawled "F_ _ k off!" at John Inman was Peter Wells. A week or so after this debacle, TRUTH featured him glowering petulantly on the front page, with the classic headline: "WE NAME GOFTA SLOB."

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The audience was locked in the room with no food but lashings of champagne as the long, long show (being broadcast live) descended into anarchy. It was my first year working as a television presenter and I remember thinking, "These are my workmates? They're all mad. How cool! This is going to be fun." 
... an uncouth audience whose boozed-up jeers and guffaws, shrieks and cat-calls would have been offensive at a male-only sports shindig. 
The show proceeded more or less on the basis that half of those who won Goftas weren’t present to pick them up, and the other half weren’t allowed to.