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  1. Part one of four from this full length first episode - ‘Mahara’s Story’.

  2. Part two of four from this full length first episode - ‘Mahara’s Story’.

  3. Part three of four from this full length first episode - ‘Mahara’s Story’.

  4. Part four of four from this full length first episode - ‘Mahara’s Story’.

  5. The credits from this episode - ‘Mahara’s Story’.


Created by Fiona Samuel, The Marching Girls follows a Taita social marching team who decide to have a crack at the North Island champs. In the first episode of this feminist-Flashdance-in-formation 80s classic, young whippersnapper Leonie tries to modernize the girls' routine by getting them to march to the heavy metal tunes of Ironlung ("they're really big in Australia!"). This proves too much for Mahara who's got enough on her plate with her new role as hesitant union spokesperson for her fellow workers down at the factory.


The writer's story by Fiona Samuel 09.09.2009

I wrote the concept for the series in 1985 as part of a job application. The job was with TVNZ, and although I didn’t get the position I was after, the head of drama read my programme format and decided to make the series. I was astonished ...

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as a newzeland fromer marching member, marching can be tough especially when some teams are competitive keeping in time to the music was hard enough and getting screamed at by my coach was another so its no wonder why i went on and off wtih it.



As an Australian Marching girl who started in 1973 and still has daughters marching I would love to see the rest of this - and why not film a modern day version...Marching was so much fun back then...really want to know if they won

I don't know what's more rare - seeing a large female cast on the telly, or seeing the Hutt on the telly!

Hugely enjoyable. I really hope the rest of the series is put online. How else will we find out whether those Taita underdogs won the North Island Champs with their unconventional moves?



I think it's time NZ On SCreen started loading whole series. Can't see this ever being a big earner on DVD but after seeing a clip of it on Prime's 50 Years show the other night I would so love to see the whole thing.

Back in 87, I never missed an episode...much to the amusement of all my friends. Marching Girls didn't play too well with with the university crowd!
I however loved it and was gutted there wasn't a second series. Memorable characters, great plot lines and above all 10 female characters who did more than just lick their lips and pout.

And for those of you who weren't there...yes unfortunately the 80's DID indeed look like that. I will shamefacedly hold my hand up and admit to owning a pair of maroon 3 stripe Adidas trackie pants (with the heel strap) just like the ones worn here.

What were we thinking?



does anyone know how to get a hold of the whole series??

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It's just an old fart team! I suppose you'd have us march to something like Julio Iglesias?