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A young boy is afflicted by apocalyptic visions in medieval Cumbria. Believing he is divinely inspired to save his village from the Black Death, he persuades a group of men to follow him into a tunnel. They dig deep into the earth and emerge ... in Auckland, New Zealand, 1987. Following portents, the time travelers must negotiate the terrors of a strange new world, (motorways, nuclear submarines) — while seeking to save their own. Nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes, it scooped the gongs at the 1988 AFI and 1989 NZ Film & TV Awards.

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 Baronia Tipu

Baronia Tipu

Thank you dear God I've got to view this movie kia ora



Thank you SO much for your response!!! I very much looking forward to viewing the film in it's entirety.
Regards from Canada and Happy 2012

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Chantal: click on the 'buy' tab (below right of the video player above) and click through to ScreenLine where you can buy the film on DVD.



I have been searching for this movie for more than 10 years... I had seen bits of it but didn't even know the title. It has been haunting me... I would love to be able to watch it whithout having to pay hundreds of $$$$. Can you help me?
Chantal in Canada

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 Interview with Vincent Ward

Vincent Ward is one of our most acclaimed movie directors. His films have regularly won praise overseas for their originality, atmosphere and imagery. In this interview with Clare O'Leary, Vincent talks about his career...


This short, intense picture is like a collaboration between William Golding and Gene Roddenberry, The Spire meets Star Trek, and is the work of someone with a distinctive talent and vision. Ward is an antipodean Werner Herzog. 
… thrilling fantasy that places Ward … among the most innovative and authoritative young film makers. 


1989 Listener Film and Television Awards
Best Film
Best Director: Vincent Ward
Best Original Screenplay: Kely Lyons, Geoff Chapple and Vincent Ward
Best Male Performance: Hamish McFarlane
Best Female Performance in a Supporting Role: Sarah Peirse
Best Male Performance in a Supporting Role: Noel Appleby
Best Production Design: Sally Campbell
Best Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Best Editing: John Scott
Best Contribution to a Soundtrack: Dick Reade
Best Film Score: Davood Tabrizi

1989 Fantasporto Fantasy Film Festival (Portugal)
Audience Jury Award: Vincent Ward
Best Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Nominated for Best Film

1988 Cannes Film Festival
Nominated for Grand Prize the Palme d'Or 

1988 Australian Film Institute Awards
Best Film
Best Director: Vincent Ward
Achievement in Cinematography: Geoffrey Simpson
Achievement in Production Design: Sally Campbell
Achievement in Costume Design: Glenys Jackson
Achievement in Editing: John Scott
Nominated for Best Lead Actor (Hamish McFarlane) and Supporting Actor (Paul Livingstone)

1988 Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (Spain)
Best Film

1988 Fanta Festival (Fantasy Film Festival, Italy)
Best Film