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Strangers - Full Series

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 1989

This kidult thriller features Martin Henderson (in his screen debut) and Hamish McFarlane (fresh from movie The Navigator), with a script by author Margaret Mahy. Along with two other kids, the pair create their own clubhouse and secret society called Zan-Em-Mor-Kel (the first few letters of each of their names). Over six episodes their lives change after they investigate a robbery in a city mall. They find themselves plunged into a world of intrigue, dodgy Special Branch detectives, and a mysterious fire-eating magician (Joel Tobeck). Jay Laga'aia plays a police officer, while deaf actor Sonia Pivac is one of the child heroes.

It’s a complicated, convoluted story with all sorts of twists and turns. When the children start piecing things together they find a somewhat intricate arrangement of people who are not quite what they seem to be.
– Producer Chris Bailey


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