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This instructional film for runners — fronted by Olympic 5000m silver medallist and world record holder Dick Quax — looks at implementing the techniques of coach Arthur Lydiard. From fostering world champions on Waitakere hills, Lydiard's method evolved into a system of building stamina to complement speed. Quax, Dr Peter Snell and other Lydiard protégés look at the science and practice, from training — the high mileage mantra, fartleks, catapults — to race-day strategy: front-running and 'the kick' (with John Walker's 1976 1,500m Olympic win used as an example).

Credits (7)

 David Tossman
 Mark Warren
 Dick Quax

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 Bill Roth

Bill Roth

Lydiardism is still as relevant today as it was in the 1950. 1960, 1970 and 1980s. Snell ran 1:44.3 on a rugby field in 1962. Walker, Quax, Halberg et al were ahead of the times



Great movie, thank you...

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For a slightly longer run with the same effect you can try this [running holding onto the back of a ute], but I seriously suggest that the driver is a friend. 
You can do it, given some natural ability and the kind of training programme that I’ve set out.