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Kiwi telly showed it could do sly as well as it could show the shearing of a sheep when, in a 1968 Wellington edition of regional news show Town and Around, reporter Erin Sinclair investigated an innovative farmer whose turkeys were shod in gumboots. The legendary hoax apparently fooled two executives from Skellerup who flew to Whanganui to secure a contract to manufacture the boots' lining. The wool-pulling is often wrongly remembered as a Country Calendar spoof — but that show’s first hoodwinker (a fence-plucking musical farmer) was nearly a decade away.

Credits (2)

 Brian Lehrke
 Erin Sinclair

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My husband remembers this episode from the 1960s. He has often told me about it. I believe it was an April Fool's Day joke!

 Graeme Aiken

Graeme Aiken

This was filmed at a poultry farm in Waverley, my home town.

 Brian O'Keefe

Brian O'Keefe

I think that Brian's surname may have also been spelt Lehrke, well at least that is the way his parents and grandparents spelt the name ... Great bit of film, thanks for sharing it!

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@alister: thanks for the credit info. I can't find any info on Brian via a google search. Do you have an alternate spelling of his name? We'll update it when we get that info.

 alister mcfarlane

alister mcfarlane

The credit for this. The CONCEPT and filming on 16mm film was from Brian Leurke (? spelling), stringer, news cameraman, Whanganui

Produced by

 NZ Broadcasting Corporation


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Have you had any problems getting the turkeys accustomed to wearing gumboots? 
We’ve tried them in Roman sandals, gym shoes, and finally, football boots, but we found that these weren’t firm enough to give enough support to the turkey’s in-step