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Here Is the News

Television (Full Length) – 1992

Once upon a time the Kiwi accent was a broadcasting crime, and politicians decided in advance which questions they would answer on-screen. Here is the News examines three decades (up to 1992) of Kiwi TV journalism and news presentation. The roll-call of on and off camera talent provides fascinating glimpses behind key events, including early jury-rigged attempts at nationwide broadcast, Dougal Stevenson announcing the 1975 arrival of competing TV networks, the Wahine, Erebus, Muldoon, turkeys in gumboots, and the tour - where journalists too, became "objects of hatred".

In the 60s when television news started to go to the public there was no training given in the techniques of television. We were all radio reporters ... It was radio with pictures.
– Former reporter Fred Cockram, talking about the early days of television news.

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