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Actor Wi Kuki Kaa (1938 - 2006) plays Tiare, a Vietnam War veteran who is dislocated by his war experience and homelessless. He wanders city streets collecting ephemera in plastic bags. Nancy Brunning plays his daughter, who, with her own daughter, visits their reluctant Koro (old man) to convince him to visit his ancestral home. A moving story about a man jolted to find his turangawaewae (place to stand), and the whanau that helps him get there. The film was directed by Peter Burger and selected for Critics' Week at Cannes (2003).

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 Peter Burger
 Wiremu Grace

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 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Kia ora Ngaroimata, I've added Greg to the credits



I went to University with the actor who plays the young soldier in Vietnam and his name is Greg. His name is not amongst the Credits. He has done credit to his poignant character and I wish his name was here to be recognised.

 Reihana Nuku

Reihana Nuku

I have just watched this short movie and was taken back in time to the Vietnam War.
Yes I am a Vietnam Veteran, I have a website that I keep for our company. I must say that I was very touched with your short film, so much so that I placed a copy on The Red Diamonds Club (Facebook) which is one of the NZ Veterans' sites. I have had very good feedback by email and on Facebook for this film. Thank you so much.

RP Nuku



Powerful and poignant, what a beautiful short film! It made me cry. I am about to embark on teaching my students about Turangawaewae and feel this is an absolute treasure. I am just wondering if anyone else has done this and if anyone has developed any teaching material\ideas\resources around this short film. My students are Year 8 and diverse and I personally feel the theme here applies to all. I absolutely understand Turangawaewae, even though I come from a Pakeha perspective. I am connected, grounded and empowered by particular places. Great Barrier Island being one of these. This places I call home. This film resonated with me on so many levels. Absolutely thought provoking!



Ataahua! Ka nui aku mihi ki a koutou mo tenei taonga.
Ae - I cried seeing it again after a year when I first saw it. First time I've seen Matua Wikuki since his earlier days.
Thank you Wiremu and all involved with this production.

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 Blueskin Films


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2003 Cannes Film Festival
Selected for Critics' Week section

2003 New Zealand Film Awards
Nominated for Best Screenplay for a Short Film: Wiremu Grace