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  1. Full length Weekly Review newsreel.


The war is Europe is over and New Zealanders take to the streets to celebrate in this NFU newsreel. The relief and excitement at the end of hostilities against Germany is clearly visible on the faces of the thousands who flood into New Zealand's towns and cities. But Deputy Prime Minister Walter Nash reminds the crowd the war is not over: Japan has yet to surrender. That doesn't stop wild celebrations following the National Declaration of Peace. Civilians and servicemen alike enjoy the party, many looking the worse for wear "in advanced stages of celebration".

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 Russell Reid
 Stan Wemyss
 Oxley Hughan

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The news today is good, the moment is too great. Something has to go despite official restraint. 
Thousands are pouring into the city just as they’re pouring into countless cities and towns across a world that is turning from darkness into light. 
No let up until we’ve made our major contribution inside and outside our own country to the building of a better world in which security will be available to all people, in all lands, of whatever colour or creed they may be.