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Behind Our Planes

Short Film (Full Length) – 1942

This wartime propaganda film from the NFU celebrates the role of women in the Air Force. Established in 1941 to free up men for other duties, more than 4,700 women served in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force during WWII. The film is also a recruitment vehicle. It shows WAAF members in traditional (for the time) roles such as sewing and typing. But more male-dominated jobs are being taken on as women are trained as metal workers, mechanics and drivers. And when they’re not working, the women relax by "knitting, drinking a cup of tea and talking."

Aprons are no new uniforms to us. On our air force stations we’ve taken the place of men at cooking, baking and preparing meals.
– Narrator

Key Cast & Crew

Russell Reid

Editor, Writer

Stan Wemyss

Camera, Editor

Doug Edwards


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