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  1. An excerpt from series 5, episode 34.


A decade before she graces the top spot of the American singles chart, future pop star Kimbra Johnson is an effervescent 11 year old girl-next-door investigating the mechanics of making a hit recording in a series of segments for this TVNZ kids show. After consulting music industry experts (including Anika Moa and Francesca Rudkin) and receiving some vocal tuition, she's ready to record her song 'Smile'. The venue is Rikki Morris' studio where an arrangement is ready for her and she lays down one of the first of what will be many vocals to come. 

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I heard in an interview recently by Kimbra that it was in the script of the What Now programme ' one day I would love to be a pop star..'. -that it was not in fact her personal ambition! She did want to play music but where that would take her could never have been imagined at that stage.
Anyway I watch and listen with delight at her musical exploration & progress.
Thanks NZ on Screen for sharing this and I hope that you somehow un/recover the rest of this series that she presented all those years ago.



lolson writes:

"From wannabe pop star to giant pretend hipster. See ya thin!"

lolson, ALL hipsters are "pretend". It's just what a person decides to be, that's all. All the people you think are hip, well....they weren't born that way. :)

So, she ended up being the pop star she wanted to be and now she's exploring beyond that...good for her. She's amazingly talented and a fine person indeed.



shes so cute and cheerful, still looks the same today :) go lil kimbra! i wonder if she realised then how big a popstar she was gonna be one day



How determined and focused is this little cutie .. go girl KIWI PRIDE!!!!

 Jody Winter

Jody Winter

So proud of you Kimbra! You deserve all of the wonderful things that are happening to you. Enjoy.

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Hi, I’m Kimbra and one day I’d like to be a pop star.