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Popstars - First Episode Television (Full Length) – 1999 Reality TV

Popstars - First Episode

Television (Full Length) – 1999 Reality TV

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The search for a NZ Spice Girls is underway in the first episode of this pioneering reality series. Manager Peter Urlich (formerly of Th' Dudes) and record company executive Mark Tierney (ex-Strawpeople) hold public auditions to find the all-girl pop group for their record deal and TV series. The good, the bad and the unfortunate are out in full force. Nearly all of the candidates are happy to proclaim their self-belief and desire for stardom, and to be subjected to the exhaustive selection process that could result in them becoming instant celebrities.

Key Cast & Crew

Only five months ago, or four months ago, they came together as five fresh-faced young girls and that first day they looked at me, with their big eyes looking up and they said: ‘OK Peter, turn us into pop stars!
– Popstars trainer Peter Urlich, from the series' final episode