TV3 Turns 25

November 2014 marks 25 years since New Zealand TV’s third channel began broadcasting. This 25th birthday sampler pack looks back at iconic drama (Outrageous Fortune), upstart news shows (Nightline), fresh youth programming (Ice TV, Being Eve) and comedy high watermarks (bro’Town, Jaquie Brown, 7 Days). As the launch slogan said "come home to the feeling!"

Outrageous Fortune - First Episode

Television, 2005 (Full Length Episode)

Campbell Live - Final Episode (29 May 2015)

Television, 2015 (Full Length Episode)

Newshub - Hilary Barry's last TV3 bulletin (excerpt, 27 May 2016)

Television, 2016 (Excerpts)

7 Days - Series One, Episode Three

Television, 2009 (Full Length Episode)

bro'Town - The Weakest Link

Television, 2004 (Full Length Episode)

Ice TV - Best of

Television, 1998 (Full Length Episode)

The Almighty Johnsons - First Episode

Television, 2011 (Excerpts)

3 News - 'Corngate' interview with Helen Clark

Television, 2002 (Excerpts)

Nightline - 20th Anniversary Episode

Television, 2010 (Full Length)

Pulp Sport - Series Seven, Episode One

Television, 2009 (Full Length Episode)

Campbell Live - Driving Dogs

Television, 2012 (Excerpts)

Pulp Comedy - Series Seven, Episode Four (Flight of the Conchords)

Television, 2003 (Full Length Episode)

The Early Bird Show - Excerpts

Television, 1991 (Excerpts)

Melody Rules - Going, Going ... Goner (First Episode)

Television, 1995 (Full Length Episode)

Homeward Bound - First Episode

Television, 1992 (Full Length Episode)

Skitz - 'Best Of' Excerpts

Television, 1997 (Excerpts)

The Jaquie Brown Diaries - Brown Sweat (Episode Three)

Television, 2008 (Full Length Episode)

Being Eve - Being a Couple

Television, 2001 (Excerpts)

The Ralston Group - 8 August 1991

Television, 1991 (Full Length Episode)

You and Me - Toilet Training

Television, 1993 (Full Length Episode)

Suzy's World - Digestion (Episode)

Television, 1999 (Full Length Episode)

The Blue Rose - Episode One

Television, 2013 (Excerpts)

The Strip - Series One, Episode 12 (Choose)

Television, 2002 (Excerpts)

Cover Story - First Episode

Television, 1995 (Excerpts)