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Hero image for Alastair Riddell - Give It A Whirl Interview

Alastair Riddell - Give It A Whirl Interview

Interview – 2023

People say I copy David Bowie but I have a Bowie style voice, and it's actually hard to get away from that, you know.
– Alastair Riddell on comparisons between him and the Thin White Duke, near the close of this interview
...I think that in a way what Space Waltz did in New Zealand was ... relatively revolutionary.
– Alastair Riddell's view on the cultural impact of his old band Space Waltz, 32 minutes into this interview
I don't think that the record companies in New Zealand had any idea really about artist development, particularly not for a band that wrote its own material, that was coming from where we were coming from, and I think it was easier not to do it than to fail with it.
– Alistair Riddell on the lack of time and money EMI provided to record Space Waltz's debut album, in the mid 1970s
I was on another planet really, in terms of what I was listening to and what I wanted to do so I had no idea what was going on much, in New Zealand then.
– Alistair Riddell recalls being absorbed in his prog rock band Orb, in the early 1970s
I got labelled as being this kind of overbearing, arrogant...I used to say to people "come and talk to me, you know! Meet me." It was reflected out of the television image, I think: I came on as being very strong, very powerful, very confident ... it drove against the egalitarian, the Kiwi thing. I would argue that our music has always been very kind of guitar strum orientated; don't rock the boat too much in terms of strong statements about who you are as an individual...sort of dance around and be part of it, but don't come out and poke the borax or get into the thing too much...
– Alistair Riddell on how Kiwi music reflects characteristics of the New Zealand character, 35 minutes into this interview