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The Popco Special

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1974

This 1974 end of year special for music show Popco features cover songs performed in locations around Christchurch, as well as inside the studio. Presenting and singing are Rob Guest (before musicals fame), Steve Gilpin (before he founded Mi-Sex) and Hayden Wood. The performers include Space Waltz (in their glam rock glory), Annie Whittle (on the banks of the Avon), show regulars the Maggie Burke dancers in Cathedral Square, Rockinghorse (featuring 'Nature' composer Wayne Mason), Mark Williams (sparkling in green lurex), Bunny Walters, Drut (complete with flaming guitar) and Beaver (in the finale).

Can you believe we took a gas bottle, flashpowder ingredients and a cannon prop on the plane. Today we would be suspect terrorists!  We tested the cannon in the Motel carpark. It shot a plastic ball clear over the motel roof!
– John Walmsley (Drut)

Key Cast & Crew

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David McPhail


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Annie Whittle


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Rob Guest

Presenter, Performer

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Steve Gilpin

Presenter, Performer

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Graham Johnson

Technical Producer

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Colin Gardiner


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