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Hero image for Catherine Fitzgerald: The art of film producing...

Catherine Fitzgerald: The art of film producing...

Interview – 2017

Catherine Fitzgerald cut her teeth producing high profile short films like Taika Waititi's Oscar-nominated short Two Cars, One Night  and with Vincent Ward on his feature Rain of the Children. Fitzgerald has also worked on multiple projects with director Tusi Tamasese.

In this ScreenTalk interview, Fitzgerald talks about:

  • How producers are creative too
  • Learning about filmmaking from Rain of the Children director Vincent Ward
  • Why she appreciated the talents of director Taika Waititi
  • How Māori and Pasfika directors are often undervalued for what they can bring to film
  • Her belief that Tusi Tamasese's second movie One Thousand Ropes was ahead of its time
  • Why the international film festival circuit is so important to filmmakers
  • How state funders can have an unconscious bias that works against getting diverse voices on screen
This video was first uploaded on 30 June 2017, and is available under this Creative Commons licence. This licence is limited to use of ScreenTalk interview footage only and does not apply to any video content and photographs from films, television, music videos, web series and commercials used in the interview.
Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside
...I guess people call me a creative producer, and I guess the creative part of that is...well I think everything you do as a producer is actually creative, because every decision you make has a creative impact.
– Catherine Fitzgerald, at the start of this interview