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Donogh Rees: From Constance to Marilyn Waring and Nurse Judy...

Donogh Rees: From Constance to Marilyn Waring and Nurse Judy...

Interviews - 2012

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Donogh Rees is an accomplished actress in theatre and on screen. Her feature film debut was playing the lead role in Constance. She won a Film and TV award for her portrayal of a woman with a head injury in the film Crush, and in 2012 was seen playing Lady Capulet in an unorthodox film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Her most well known television role was playing Nurse Judy Brownlee in Shortland Street, but she has been in a number of TV shows such as Marlin Bay, Xena and the mini-series Fallout.

In this ScreenTalk, Rees talks about:

  • Learning on the set of Constance that every experience teaches something
  • Discovering the nuances of emotional expression on the set of Iris
  • Observing on-set tensions during filming of Crush
  • Being asked if she’d done any porn while researching her role in the film
  • Working hard to find the essence of her role as Marilyn Waring in Fallout
  • Hanging upside down to play a volcano goddess in Xena
  • Bringing out the ‘everyday’ racism of Judy Brownlee in Shortland Street
  • Lip synching the role of Lady Capulet in a film re-working of Romeo and Juliet

This video is available on YouTube to embed and distribute via a Creative Commons licence.

Interview, Camera and Editing – Andrew Whiteside