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Hero image for Jon Gadsby: An iconic Kiwi comedian...

Jon Gadsby: An iconic Kiwi comedian...

ScreenTalk Interviews – 2015

Late comedian and writer Jon Gadsby was an integral part of the local comedy landscape. With his long-time friend and colleague David McPhail, Gadsby headlined some of New Zealand's most iconic comedy shows this country has produced. They first teamed up in the 1970s for A Week of It, which took pot-shots at politicians, news, and everyday life. The pair then moved on to the long-running McPhail and Gadsby. Gadsby also penned rural comedy Rabbiter's Rest and co-created Letter to Blanchy

In this ScreenTalk, Gadsby talks about:

  • Being the newbie on groundbreaking comedy show A Week of It
  • How mocking religion led to death threats on McPhail and Gadsby
  • Why politicians wanted to be on the show and how it captured the public mood
  • The origins of the infamous saying ‘Jeez Wayne’
  • How Letter to Blanchy reflected heartland New Zealand, and his own upbringing
  • Tormenting his cameraman Jacob Bryant on this Intrepid Journey to Myanmar

This video was first uploaded on 14 December 2015, and is available under this Creative Commons licence. This licence is limited to use of ScreenTalk interview footage only and does not apply to any video content and photographs from films, television, music videos, web series and commercials used in the interview.

Interview, Camera and Editing - Andrew Whiteside