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Hero image for Shihad - Give It A Whirl Interview

Shihad - Give It A Whirl Interview

Interview – 2023

In this extended interview, recorded for 2003 TV series Give It A Whirl, Shihad's vocalist Jon Toogood and drummer Tom Larkin discuss their Kiwi musical influences, breaking into the Australian scene, and their early determination to forge a global career.

They also discuss:

  • The lack of metal bands in "kooky" late 1980s Wellington 
  • Their deep admiration for Straitjacket Fits and "harder" Flying Nun bands like Skeptics and Bailterspace (9 minutes in)
  • The importance of Polynesian culture and music in forging a New Zealand sound (14 minutes)
  • Breaking into the Australian music market, by basing themselves there and touring relentlessly (19 minutes)
  • Being in the United States on 9/11  and the band's decision to change their name to Pacifier after the attack (30 minutes)

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This interview was recorded for the 2003 season of TV series Give it a Whirl. All audiovisual content is copyright to Visionary Film & TV, and may not be reproduced.
...we played and played and played, you know. One year it was 158 shows ... The tightness and the communication musically between the band can only come from being able to do that. And you can't do that in New Zealand, because you run out of land...
– Jon Toogood on the band honing its playing via extensive live touring