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All the Young Fascists Shihad, Music Video – 2005

All the Young Fascists

Shihad, Music Video – 2005

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With this arresting mixture of performance video and monstrous insect imagery, arts show maestro Mark Albiston (The Living Room) shows he is an exponent of the wham bam approach to music videos. Short sharp shots capture Shihad's energy on a set that is painted red and black. The band footage is intercut with images of a hungry praying mantis, whose darkest secrets are revealed via digital effects. The song is taken from Love is the New Hate (2005), the first album after Shihad's ill-fated decision to change their name to Pacificer.

Praying mantids are fun to work with, remarkably photogenic and not scared of anything! I worked with Aaron Beck who shot most of the mantis stuff in his bedroom, with flashing background lights on DV camera with a standard 35mm lens stuck on backwards to the front element. The mantis stuff on the mic was shot on location with the band on 16mm.
– Director Mark Albiston, February 2009