Marshall Smith was nominated for a Silver Scroll songwriting award in 2004, while he was part of band The New Freedom. Around the same time, he and musician Tom Fox set up Auckland music and sound company The Sound Room, and began composing soundtracks for clients in Aotearoa and overseas. Their work includes documentaries (Hip Hop-eration, NHNZ's Big Pacific), short films, and many commercials (including ads for Coca Cola and Porsche). Smith also co-founded the Screen Composers Guild of New Zealand, presented Lotto draws for three years, and has recorded under the name Marshmellow.  

I like the sense of fulfilment, freedom, variety, the people and the travel. Oh, I also get to work from home in my pyjamas... Marshall Smith on what he most enjoys about running a music composition company, The NZ Herald, 27 July 2012
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220 Miles

2018, Composer, Composer - Film

This documentary chronicles the story of Waikato women’s refuge Te Whakaruruhau, and shines a light on a subject not often shown in mainstream New Zealand media: family violence in rural areas. Written "by the women of the Waikato", the film features interviews with the women behind the refuge, who have created a space for victims of domestic violence, safe from danger. Directed by Richard Allan Litt, the documentary screens in Kiwi cinemas from March 2018, with proceeds going to the refuge. Te Whakaruruhau, founded in 1987, was the first Māori women’s refuge.


Kauri Dieback - WWF

2017, Composer - Short Film


Big Pacific

2017, Composer - Television

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The Coffin Club

2017, Composer - Web



2016, Composer, Sound Editor - Short Film


Army Dog

2016, Composer - Film


Jack of All Trades (Animated Series)

2015 - 2017, Composer, Sound Mix - Television



2014, Director, Camera, Composer - Short Film


Educating Tama

2014, Composer - Television


Hip Hop-eration

2014, Composer - Film

Hip Hop-eration chronicles a mission to bust some moves, and demonstrate that ageing need not be a barrier to joy. The stars of this documentary are a group of self-deprecating, young at heart Waiheke Islanders — some in their 90s — who head to Las Vegas to compete in the World Hip Hop Championships. Hip Hop-eration won Moa awards for Best Documentary and Documentary Director, plus rave reviews from Metro, The Dominion Post and the Herald's Francesca Rudkin; Rudkin called the film heartwarming:"full of laughs, colourful characters and Kiwi attitude".


Russian Dolls

2013, Composer - Television



2013, Composer - Film


Rewriting History

2012, Composer - Television


Finding Mercy

2012, Composer - Film

At the age of eight, filmmaker Robyn Paterson (white) and her best friend Mercy (black) greeted Comrade Robert Mugabe with flowers at a Zimbabwe air-force base. They became poster children of the new Zimbabwe. But the country was soon to descend into turmoil under Mugabe’s rule, and Paterson’s family was forced to flee to New Zealand. This documentary traces Paterson’s return to her birthplace a generation later, and a high-risk undercover search to find the fate of her childhood friend. Mercy won Paterson the Best Emerging Director Award at 2013 DocEdge Festival. 


Kia Ora Molweni

2012, Composer - Television


Outback Kids

2011, Composer - Television


Brother Number One

2011, Composer - Film

The 1978 death of Kerry Hamill in Khmer Rouge prison S21 provided a tangible link for New Zealanders to a genocide that claimed two million Cambodian lives. Thirty years later, this acclaimed documentary by filmmaker Annie Goldson follows Hamill’s brother Rob — an Olympian and Trans-Atlantic rowing champion — as he attends the war crimes trial of Comrade Duch, one of the architects of the slaughter. Hamill is there to make a victim impact statement, but also to understand how his brother died, confront the man responsible, and discover if forgiveness is possible. 



2011, Composer - Television


The 16th Man

2010, Composer - Television


Eat Your Cake; I'm a Vietnamese Refugee

2010, Sound - Short Film

This short documentary follows refugee Mitchell Pham from a Vietnam War prison camp to a new home in New Zealand. Director Sally Tran — a 2013 Killer Films Internship Scholarship recipient — uses an interview with Pham as an adult, and live action mixed with animation to recreate the harrowing childhood journey. DIY more than CGI, the animation process was based on Vietnamese folded paper-craft. Requiring 20 volunteers, the 10,000 animated pieces of paper (and a rich score from The Sound Room) provide suggestive weight to Pham’s story of survival and courage.

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There Once was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho

2010, Composer - Film

Climate change is not just a theory for the people of Takuu, a tiny atoll in Papua New Guinea. Floods and climate-related impacts have forced Teloo, Endar and Satty to consider whether they should stay on their slowly-drowning home, or accept a proposal that would see them move to Bougainville, away from the sea. In this award-winning documentary they also learn more about the impact of climate change from two visiting scientists (an oceanographer and geomorphologist). Director Briar March’s second feature-length doco travelled to over 50 film festivals.


Donated to Science

2009, Composer - Film


Dark Days in Monkey City

2009, Composer - Television


Wong Cha Cha

2005, Composer - Short Film