South African-born but New Zealand based from 2006, Nathalie Boltt first won fame with a four year run on South African soap Isidingo. She followed it with a number of movie roles, including the South African-set sci fi hit District 9. AFTA-nominated as wife to a murderer in Kiwi telemovie Bloodlines, she went on to co-star in telefilm Nights in the Garden of Spain. In 2016 Boltt won an ongoing part on international hit Riverdale, as evil mother Penelope Blossom. Also a director and scriptwriter, Boltt co-directed award-winning short The Silk, which won awards at a trio of United States film festivals.

I received my main kudos – from my little boy and all the kids at his creche – for being the voice of Dottywot. Nathalie Bolt, on providing one of the voices for children’s show The WotWots

24 Hours to Live

2018, As: Dr Helen - Film



2016 - ongoing, As: Penelope Blossom - Television



2016, As: Dominique Prieur - Television


Food for Thought

2015, As: Merran - Short Film


Dropped Pie

2015, Producer, Actor - Web



2015, Director, Writer, Producer, As: Charlotte - Short Film

When we go to war   episode one thumb.jpg.540x405

When We Go to War - First Episode excerpt

2015, As: Ida Mueller - Television

This miniseries is built around the fortunes of the fictional Smith family during World War l. Directed by Peter Burger (Until Proven Innocent), the first episode is framed around a letter home by nurse Bea Smith (played by Westside's Esther Stephens). This 10 minute opening excerpt jumps from a war hospital in Egypt, back to trysts on the home front: an illicit romance at medical school, high times on Auckland's Grey Street, and a mysterious arrival at the family store. Funded by NZ On Air’s Platinum Fund, When We Go to War debuted on Anzac weekend in 2015. 

Stepdave   series thumb.jpg.540x405

Step Dave

2014 - 2015, As: Natalie - Television

Twenty-four year-old barman Dave finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams — Cara, 14 years his senior, and the owner of three kids. Over two seasons, the light-hearted drama explored whether their live-in relationship could survive the weight of low expectations, and her unruly family. Created by Kate McDermott (This is Her), Step Dave starred Swedish emigre Sia Trokenheim (2014 film Everything we Loved) and Brit born Jono Kenyon. Interest in the format encompassed the Ukraine — which remade the show in 2016 — France, Hungary and Greece.


Passion in Paradise

2014, As: Lisa - Television


War News

2014, As: Robyn - Television


The Cure

2013, As: Ruby Wakefield - Film


The Silk

2012, Writer, Producer, Director - Short Film

Siege thumbnail.jpg.540x405


2012, As: Vicki Snee - Television

On 7 May 2009, police executing a search warrant in a Napier suburb were shot at by Jan Molenaar. Senior Constable Len Snee was killed, two officers and a neighbour injured; a 50 hour siege ensued. This adaptation of the events into a telefeature dominated the 2012 New Zealand Television Awards, winning Best One-off Drama, Script (John Banas), Performance (Mark Mitchinson as Molenaar), Supporting Actress (Miriama Smith), and Best Sound Design (Chris Burt). Hawke's Bay Today reviewer Roger Moroney said of the Mike Smith-directed drama: "They got it right".

The wotwots   whistle wots  series two  episode 63  thumb.jpg.540x405

The WotWots - Whistle Wots (Series Two, Episode 63)

2011, As: DottyWot - Television

This made-for-the-wee-kids series follows SpottyWot and DottyWot, two playful aliens exploring life on earth. In this episode, a chase around the farm sees the two stumbling upon a sheepdog helping a farmer herd his sheep, which gives DottyWot an idea about how cleaning up could be turned into a game. The CGI-animated WotWots appeared on more than 70 episodes, and screened in many countries. The show was produced by Pūkeko Pictures, a partnership between children’s author Martin Baynton, and Weta co-founders Richard Taylor and Tania Rodger.  

Bloodlines thumbnail.jpg.540x405


2010, As: Annette Bouwer - Television

This 2010 telefeature is based on the true crime story of South African-born Dr Colin Bouwer (played by Mark Mitchinson), who used his medical knowledge to poison and kill his wife Annette. A Dunedin doctor and policeman foiled his plot to get away with murder. Directed by Peter Burger (Until Proven Innocent), Bloodlines won gongs for actors Mitchinson and Craig Hall at the 2011 Aotearoa Film and Television Awards, and nominations for Burger's direction, Donna Malane and Paula Boock's script, and the work of actor Nathalie Boltt.


Nights in the Gardens of Spain

2010, As: Annabelle - Television

After success with short films (This is Her, Redemption) director Katie Wolfe made the transition to longer length story-telling with this 2010 drama. With This is Her writer Kate McDermott she adapted the Witi Ihimaera novel about a 40-something man confronting his double life, and the impact that his coming out as gay has on his wife, kids, and whānau. A key change was turning the book’s Pākehā protagonist to a successful Māori businessman (Calvin Tuteao). It screened on TV One on 23 January 2010 and at festivals internationally (where it was entitled Kawa).


Run Rabbit

2009, Director - Short Film


The WotWots - Scary, Sucky Nose (First Episode)

2009, As: Voice of DottyWot - Television



2009, Writer - Television


District 9

2009, As: Sarah Livingstone - Film



2008, As: Commander Jane Harris - Film


The Coconuts

2008 - 2009, Writer - Television



2007, As: Kate - Film


Inspector George Gently

2008, As: Trudi Schmeikel - Television


Route 30

2007, As: Mandy - Film


The Poseidon Adventure (TV movie)

2005, As: Shoshanna - Television


Der Weisse Afrikaner

2004, As: Rosa von Zulow - Television


Red Water

2003, As: Marie Savoy - Television



2001 - 2004, As: Joey Ortlepp - Television