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Adam Luxton

Director, Cinematographer

Adam Luxton has conjured distinctive visuals as both a cinematographer and director. The 2003 Elam Fine Arts graduate co-directed documentary Minginui (2004) with Summer Agnew, a portrait of small town decay. Luxton has also worked on many projects with Jeremy Dumble  including 2012 feature drama We Feel Fine, their "irreverent view" of Auckland. Luxton rejoined Agnew for experimental doco On an Unknown Beach. All three films premiered at the NZ International Film Festival. Luxton's work as a cinematographer includes comedy This Townhorror Reunion and music videos for Lawrence Arabia and Die! Die! Die!

The film started as nostalgia for New Zealand and that is the imagery I was greeted with when I returned in real life. I guess it's reality biting. Adam Luxton on a shot of rows of new houses in documentary On An Unknown Beach, The Press, 4 August 2016