New Zealand born and raised, but better known for his work in Australia and the US, Alan Dale began his screen career with Kiwi soap Radio Waves. After eight years as patriarch Jim Robinson on Australia's Neighbours he was later cast in hit US show The OC and he established himself as the man to call for business magnates and authority figures: his CV includes 24, Ugly BettyLost, and Once Upon a Time.

I either play rulers of the world, or the guy who kills the ruler of the world. Alan Dale in The Times, 8 March 2008

Dynasty (remake)

2017 - 2018, As: Joseph Anders - Television

Secret City

2016 - 2019, As: Prime Minister Martin Toohey - Television

Entourage (movie)

2015, As: John Ellis - Television


2014 - 2015, As: General Edward Riesen - Television

Auckland Daze

2012, As: Alan Dale - Web


2011, As: Monsignor Chamberlain - Film

The Killing (US version)

2011 – 2012, As: Senator Eaton

Once Upon a Time

2011 -2017, As: King George Albert - Television


2017, As: President Morse - Television

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

2010, As: Charles Jacoby - Film

Hot in Cleveland

2012 – 2013, As: Emmet - Television

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

2008, As: General Ross - Film

Midnight Man

2008, As: Donald Hagan - Television

Moving Wallpaper

2009, As: Alan Dale - Television

Sea Patrol

2008, As: Ray Walsman - Television

Flight of the Conchords

2009, As: Australian Ambassador - Television


2008, As: Copley

Ugly Betty

2006 – 2007, As: Bradford Meade


2008 – 2011, As: John Ellis


2006 – 2009, As: Charles Widmore - Television


2003 - 2005, 2013, 2015, As: NCIS Director Tom Morrow - Television

The OC

2003 – 2005, As: Caleb Nichol


2003 – 2004, As: Vice President Jim Prescott - Television

First Daughter

1999, As: Daly

The Practice

2002, As: Judge Brenford

State Coroner

1997 - 1998, As: Attorney General Dudley Mills - Television


1995, As: Sergeant Mitch Mitchell - Television


2000 – 2001, As: Al Patterson

The X Files

2002, As: Toothpick Man - Television

The Far Country

1988, As: Dave Marshall - Television


1985 – 1993, As: Jim Robinson - Television

Radio Waves

1978, As: Jack Delamore - Television

Radio Waves charted the “lives and loves” of a commercial Auckland radio station in the age of Bee Gees and flares. Grant Bridger (‘Win Savage’) and Andy Anderson played DJs with Alan Dale as station manager; it was Dale’s screen debut, before fame in Australia (Neighbours) and the US (24, Ugly Betty). Devised by Graeme Farmer, Waves was an effort by SPTV to best TV One’s flagship soap Close to Home. While producer Tom Finlayson’s first drama was short-lived, its metro Auckland context — peopled with upbeat urban strivers — signaled a changing NZ on screen. 

Radio Waves - 16 May 1978

1978, As: Jack Delamore - Television

Radio Waves revolves around an Auckland commercial radio station. In this episode, drive-time DJ Win Savage (Grant Bridger) annoys an advertiser and doesn't seem to care. Andy Anderson is a hippy ‘jock’, Alan Dale plays urbane station manager Jack in his screen debut (before finding fame on Australia's Neighbours), and the many women on staff put up with their share of stick from all that male ego. Waves was short-lived — The Bee Gees and flares weren’t enough for viewers to shut the farm gate — but its urban strivers signaled a changing face for NZ on screen.

The Young Doctors

1979 – 1983, As: John Forrest