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British-born producer Alex Reed has worked in the screen industry for 20+ years. The owner of production company Bloom Pictures has produced retro home footage series Decades In Colour, sci-fi drama The Cul de Sac and mental health documentary The Girl On The Bridge. She has also been a researcher, including on Emmy-nominated docudrama The Golden Hour. In the late 1990s she developed a taste for projects that ride the line between fact and fiction, after working with legendary Brit director Ken Loach. In 2021 Reed co-produced the high profile There Is No “I” in Threesome, which was picked up by America's HBO Max. 

There is No "I" in Threesome is a glimpse into the most private part of a couple's lives, and to do this well we asked for a lot of vulnerability from them ... it was all about trust and everyone involved respected that. Alex Reed on 2021 film There is No "I" in Threesome