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The Art of Recovery Film (Trailer) – 2015 Documentary

The Art of Recovery

Film (Trailer) – 2015 Documentary

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The Art of Recovery sets out to document "one of the most dynamic, creative and contentious times in the history of Christchurch". Director Peter Young (The Last Ocean) examines a post-quake city where creativity thrives among the rubble: from street art to dance spaces, to the beloved 185 Empty Chairs Memorial. But will the spirit of community and creativity survive the redesign? The Art of Recovery won raves after its 2015 NZ Film Festival premiere at Christchurch's recently restored Isaac Theatre Royal. Stuff reviewer James Croot called the result "kinetic, interesting and inspiring". 

For the first year, he worked alone, without funding, just taking his camera with him every time he drove from his home, two blocks outside the devastation, through the city centre — learning where the pockets of activity were, although they were always shifting.
– Steve Kilgallon on director Peter Young, Sunday Star-Times, 7 November 2015