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Alistair Browning added to an impressive haul of theatre awards, when he appeared in acclaimed 2001 movie Rain. Browning won an NZ Screen Award for his role as the nice guy husband whose wife (Sarah Peirse) is drifting away from him. Browning's long screen CV also included police inspector Mike O'Leary in TV movie Siege, a slimy reality TV host in 2006 movie Futile Attraction, and roles in hit soap Gloss and acclaimed short film Us. Elsewhere he played everyone from Sir Lancelot to George Washington, to a drug-dealing band manager (in TV movie Undercover). Browning passed away on 2 June 2019. He was 65. 

[Alistair Browning] exudes a decency so simple and helpless that his key line, “I’m a failure”, is a moment of pure heartbreak. Peter Calder, in a NZ Herald review of movie Rain, October 2001