After studying theatre in New York, Benedict Wall returned to New Zealand to work as an actor, with roles on Outrageous Fortune and Shortland Street. After starring in a few short films, one of which (Best Mates) he directed, Wall starred in award-winning Australian comedy movie Psychoanalysis as a psychologist under investigation. In 2016 he joined soap Home and Away, as Alf Stewart’s son Duncan.

Acting is a fun, difficult, trying game but it's also very rewarding. Benedict Wall, on what he enjoys about acting, TVNZ website


2016, As: Tony Roberts - Television

The Pretend One

2016, As: Guy


2015, As: Dave Sturtley - Short Film

Best Mates

2015, Writer, Director, As: Dom - Short Film


2015, As: Paul Symmonds - Film

Ready for This

2015, As: Officer Waters

Pirates of the Airwaves

2014, As: Rick Grant - Television

This docudrama recreates the story of Radio Hauraki: a bunch of rebel DJs whose cause was bringing rock’n’roll to the radios of 60s NZ youth. Their fight for the right to broadcast involved a pirate vessel in the Hauraki Gulf. Director Charlie Haskell films the recreations from the point of view of late DJ Rick Grant, and cuts them together with interviews with the protagonists, animation and Hard Day’s Night-style japes. Based on Adrian Blackburn's book Radio Pirates, the telefilm debuted on TV One on 27 July 2014. It was nominated for a Moa Award for Best TV Feature.

Mumma's Boy

2013, As: Steve, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Breaker Morant: The Retrial

2013, As: Breaker Morant

Underbelly: Badness

2012, As: Ben Dokic

Ten Thousand Days

2012, As: Darby - Short Film

John Safran's Race Relations

2009, As: Jeremy Weinstein

Jinx Sister

2008, As: Faceless Lover - Film


2007, As: Bob - Short Film

Reckless Behaviour: Caught on Tape

2007, As: Cliff - Television

The Amazing Extraordinary Friends

2007, As: Damon - Television

Created by superhero fan Stephen J Campbell, this light-hearted adventure series follows teen Ben Wilson (Carl Dixon) who discovers his father and grandad have done time as superheroes. Still getting to grips with the basics of being one himself, Ben enlists family and friends to help fight assorted villians. The show ran for three seasons, and spawned web series The Wired Chronicles and Origins. Nominated for awards in Rome and New Zealand, it picked up one in Korea. The eclectic cast included the tried (David McPhail) and the new (Hannah Marshall from Packed to the Rafters).

Outrageous Fortune

2007, As: Ben - Television

After her husband is jailed, matriarch Cheryl West (Robyn Malcolm) decides the time has come to set her family on the straight and narrow. But can the Wests change old habits? So begins the six season saga of the Westie dynasty. Hugely popular (beloved by public, critics and awards givers alike), Outrageous Fortune was a flag-bearer for TV3 and New Zealand television drama. The series proved — in all its grow-your-own glory — that television in Aotearoa could mield comedy and drama, and be so much more than overseas stories pasted to a local setting.

Shortland Street

2011, As: Owen Sutherland - Television

Shortland Street is a fast-paced serial drama set in an inner city Auckland hospital. The long-running South Pacific Pictures production is based around the births, deaths and marriages of the hospital's staff and patients. It screens on TVNZ’s TV2 network five days a week. In 2017 the show was set to celebrate its 25th anniversary, making it New Zealand’s longest running drama by far. Characters and lines from the show have entered the culture — starting with “you’re not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata!” in the very first episode. Mihi Murray writes about Shortland Street here.

Home and Away

2016, As: Duncan Stewart