Chris Nichol's CV is as diverse as it is long — from Presbyterian minister, musician and Praise Be presenter, to documentary director and university lecturer. Nichol's screen career began in 1986, when he joined TVNZ's Religious Programmes Unit. He went on to produce long-running religious series Praise Be from 1991 to 1994; from 2008, after the death of presenter Graeme Thomson, he hosted the show full time. Nichol was also the New Zealand producer for BBC Waitangi Day documentary A Land of Our Own, an interviewer for series My God, and a director on TV One's documentary series New Zealand Stories

A lot of our present audience are people who don’t go to church; and that’s a lot of our future audience too. This is why we can’t simply stay with traditional or even contemporary hymn forms. If people don’t recognize the music, they won’t watch it. Chris Nichol on Praise Be, in an interview with Methodist Church newspaper Touchstone, July 2006

My God - Ray Avery

2011, Presenter - Television

Ethical entrepreneur, medical pioneer and inaugural New Zealander of the Year, Sir Ray Avery traverses his life, work and beliefs in this episode from a TV One documentary series about spirituality. English-born Avery is a passionate and entertaining raconteur as he recounts his “overnight success story” which took 18 years and saw him overcome a childhood of neglect and abuse. His highly successful company has no permanent employees but has touched hundreds of thousands of lives with low cost, life saving medical devices manufactured in developing nations.

New Zealand Stories - Battle at the Basilica

2011, Interviewer - Television

This documentary follows the fight to save Christchurch’s “other” earthquake damaged cathedral, the Roman Catholic basilica. A team led by a heritage consultant and a structural engineer struggles to keep pace with fresh damage inflicted on the basilica by ongoing quakes. Drones and a Defence Force robot aid investigations into the interior of the now dangerous building. There are hard questions about the venture’s costs. But, as parishioners tell their stories, there’s also reminders that the basilica isn’t just an architectural treasure — it has been the heart of a community.

New Zealand Stories - The Womad Wrangler

2011, Interviewer, Director - Television

As the Operations Manager for Womad (World Of Music, Arts and Dance) in New Plymouth, Chris Herlihy performs the essential but often mundane jobs that make this large-scale outdoor event an annual success story. This half-hour documentary follows Herlihy and his crew as he oversees the pop-up city that is Womad 2011 — from looking after VIPs and fixing ticket problems, to mopping up the loos. New Plymouth has fully embraced Womad. Herlihy's love for the festival and his colleagues shines through as he power walks around the beautiful Brooklands Park site.

My God - Gareth Morgan

2009, Presenter - Television

Economist and philanthropist Gareth Morgan is typically forthright as he explains his atheism in this episode from the TV One series about spirituality. Morgan walked away from a Reserve Bank job to live in a bus (from where he eventually founded his company Infometrics). He talks candidly about childhood operations for a cleft lip and his decision to give away the millions earned from his investment in Trade Me (founded by his son Sam) but is less than charitable in his views on accountants. Note: Morgan does not worship Bastet (the Egyptian goddess of cats).

Praise Be for Christmas

1993, Producer - Television

Since debuting in 1986, Praise Be has become a Sunday morning perennial. In this extended 1993 Christmas special, original Praise Be presenter Graeme Thomson travels far and wide in search of heavenly vocals: including big city cathedrals, schools, among singing sailors at Devonport Naval Base, and to a disused Canterbury flour mill, where the local farming community pack in for 'Away in a Manger'. A number of TV personalities (Judy Bailey, Phillip Leishman) also make appearances, to talk about Christmas and read from the bible.

Carols by Candlelight

1990, Producer - Television

A Land of Our Own

1990, New Zealand Producer - Television

A Padre's Story

1990, Associate Producer - Television

Sunday Magazine

1988 - 1989, Associate Producer, Director, Producer - Television

Praise Be

1991-1994,2006-2017, Producer, Presenter - Television

Recorded in varied locations across New Zealand, Praise Be mixed choral contributions and biblical readings. Though its siblings Country Calendar and Fair Go are even older, Praise Be ranked among New Zealand’s longest-running television shows. The Sunday worship show played from 1986 to 2016, apart from two years off air in the mid 2000s. Veteran broadcaster Graeme Thomson presented the show for its first two decades, before he passed away in 2008; then the show was hosted by Chris Nichol, a Presbyterian minister and veteran of TVNZ’s Religious Programmes Unit.


1982, Subject - Television


1980, Subject - Television