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My God - Ray Avery

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2011

Ethical entrepreneur, medical pioneer and inaugural New Zealander of the Year, Sir Ray Avery traverses his life, work and beliefs in this episode from a TV One documentary series about spirituality. English-born Avery is a passionate and entertaining raconteur as he recounts his “overnight success story” which took 18 years and saw him overcome a childhood of neglect and abuse. His highly successful company has no permanent employees but has touched hundreds of thousands of lives with low cost, life saving medical devices manufactured in developing nations.

Eventually, I rocked up in New Zealand and we walked into the airport and there was a guy in there with an air rifle shooting birds. I thought, ‘What sort of country is this?’ He was banging away at the birds. That’s pest control New Zealand style.
– Sir Ray Avery

Key Cast & Crew

Amanda Evans


Tony Spear


Chris Nichol


Stephen Press


Murray Ferguson

Editor, Director

Ivars Berzins


Produced by

Pacific Screen