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Dean Hewison

Director, Writer

Dean Hewison’s debut feature — stalker rom-com How to Meet Girls from a Distance — was a breakout hit at the 2012 NZ International Film Festival. The film was born after Hewison won the Make My Movie contest, funding him to direct a film for under $100,000. Hewison honed his filmmaking skills via a decade of entries in the 48 Hours filmmaking competition (his Traces of Nut team were national champs in 2013). The NZ Broadcasting School alumnus has directed for kids TV and Wellington Paranormal (including the 2019 Christmas episode, featuring Satan in a shopping mall). He is also an acclaimed playwright.

I pretty much think 48 Hours has been our film school playground for the last 10 years. Every year we just try and improve on what we did last year and we're steadily getting better and better and better. Dean Hewison in The Dominion Post, 15 July 2013