Dean Hewison’s debut feature — stalker rom-com How to Meet Girls from a Distance — was a breakout 2012 NZ Film Festival hit; the Make My Movie contest winner later earned a theatrical release. Hewison honed his filmmaking skills via a decade of 48Hours entries (his Traces of Nut team were national champs in 2013). The NZ Broadcasting School alumnus has directed kids TV and ads; he is also an acclaimed playwright.

I pretty much think 48Hours has been our film school playground for the last 10 years. Every year we just try and improve on what we did last year and we're steadily getting better and better and better. Dean Hewison in the Dominion Post, 15 July 2013

Wild Peeps

2017, Director - Web

Judgment Tavern

2015, Director, Writer - Short Film

The Rewrite

2014, Director, Writer - Short Film

Operation Hero

2013 - ongoing, Director - Television

The Sleeping Plot

2013, Director, Writer - Short Film

How to Meet Girls from a Distance

2012, Director, Writer - Film

In this 'peeping tom rom-com' Toby (Richard Falkner) gets a little carried away un-obscuring the object of his desire — SPCA worker Phoebe (Scarlet Hemmingway). His dating guru Carl (comedian Jonathan Brugh) doesn't help. The inaugural winner of the Make My Movie Feature Film Competition was made in six months for $100,000. The Wellington team behind Distance proved that you don't need a big budget and years of development to make a crowd-pleasing feature. Following successful screenings at the 2012 NZ Film Festival, it was picked up for theatrical release.

Ruby Red

2011, Director, Writer - Short Film


2010, Director, Writer - Short Film

Free Range

2009, Director, Writer - Short Film

Half a Horse

2008, Director, Writer - Short Film

Take That, Future Me!

2008, Director, Writer - Short Film