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Fleur Saville

Producer, Actor

Fleur Saville got her big break at age 16, starring in hit series Being Eve. Chosen to play questioning teen Eve Baxter from around 1000 contenders, Saville played many scenes directly to camera. She went on to sci-fi hit The Tribe and comedy Serial Killers, then did five years on Shortland Street. As kind-hearted PA Libby Jeffries, she romanced Chris Warner and Kieran Mitchell, and was infected with dengue fever. Then Saville relocated to Los Angeles. Although she continues to act, she now concentrates on producing — from Kiwi-heavy horror film Blood Punch, to acclaimed 2017 music documentary 40 Years in the Making: The Magic Music Movie.

I think the industry has changed in that actors are becoming more proactive about creating work for themselves. There are some incredibly talented people out there who, if they can’t find the type of role they want, go out and produce it themselves. Fleur Saville in TV Guide, 4 September 2010